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Culinary delights at the Hotel Concordia Bibione

Restaurant and food ... there is something for all tastes!

Indulge in the pleasures of the kitchen of our chef Benedetto di Sparti in the elegant and bright dining room.

It is paid particular attention to the use of top-quality products, fresh and genuine, to enjoy a light and low-fat food that will always guarantee very tasty dishes. The most fitness-conscious guests can choose every day between light and fresh dishes and also enjoy our many varieties of vegetables from our extensive buffet.

From this year if you want you can also have lunch on the beach or a picnic, with no where to return to the hotel: our staff will prepare tasty lunch packs and delicious snacks, both for parents and for your children.

The pleasure of a holiday in Bibione to the sea during summer 2020 will also become the pleasure of good food and good cooking, combined with the discovery of typical taste of Bibione and the most particular tastes that our chef and chef will propose you. Prepared with the utmost professionalism, all our menus are attentive to the needs of large and small, of parents and children, during your stay at the Concordia family hotel.

Our hotel and restaurant are in the prestigious Michelin Guide.

Gluten-free cooking and products for food intolerances

Our staff, throughout the summer 2020 , from May to September, more complete will be on hand to give advice and assist you if you wish to prepare menus for food intolerances, gluten-free, for any other type of allergy and for vegetarians.

Our restaurant, the hotel Concordia Bibione, will always elegantly prepared and accurate for all guests. Await the big friendliness and helpfulness of all our staff, which is always ready to come and meet you and to hear your every need or requirement.