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Culinary delights ... there is something for everyone!

Indulge in the pleasures of our chef's cuisine in the elegant and bright dining room.
Particular attention is paid to the use of top quality, fresh and genuine products, to enjoy a light and low-fat cuisine that always guarantees you very tasty dishes.
Fitness-conscious guests can choose between light and fresh dishes every day and also enjoy our many varieties of vegetables from our rich buffet.
From this year, if you wish, you can also have lunch on the beach or have a picnic, without having to go back to the hotel: our staff will prepare you tasty packed lunches and delicious snacks, both for parents and for your children.

Flavors... don't go on vacation!

The pleasure of a holiday in Bibione by the sea during the summer will also become the pleasure of good table and good food, combined with the discovery of the typical local flavors of Bibione and more tastes details that our chef and cook will offer you.
Prepared with extreme professionalism, all Our menus are attentive to the needs of adults and children, of parents and children, during yours stay at the family hotel Concordia.
Our hotels and restaurants are featured in the prestigious Michelin Guide.

A super fun holiday! Taste the new Pokè Bowl

Choose the various ingredients of your Pokè Bowl in the morning and at lunchtime you can enjoy it under an umbrella!

Gluten-free cooking and products for food intolerances

Our staff will be at your complete disposal for advice and to assist you if you wish the preparation of menus for food intolerances, for celiacs, for any other type of allergy e for vegetarians.
Our restaurant room, inside the Concordia hotel in Bibione, will always be elegantly prepared and accurate for all guests.
The great cordiality and availability of everything await you our staff, who is always ready to meet you and listen to your every need or requirement.