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Arrival and departure

Reservations can be made on any day of the week, you can choose the day of arrival and departure you prefer ... Not only on Saturdays and Sundays, in this way, not having to face traffic, you will surely arrive more serene.


All forms of payment are accepted at the hotel: credit card, debit card, checks and cash (for amounts less than € 999.00).

City tax

The tourist tax of € 1.10 per person per day is excluded from the price, excluding children up to 4 years and up to a maximum of 10 days of stay.

The reservation is valid upon payment of a deposit of € 200.00 by postal order made out to:

Hotel Concordia snc

Via Maja 149 – 30020 Bibione

Oppure tramite bonifico bancario intestato a:

Hotel Concordia snc,


IBAN: IT 82M0306936291074000107977

Per l’estero:


Special deposit

In the event that for any reason, you are forced to give up your holiday, by informing us in advance, we give you the opportunity to take advantage of your down payment in another period of the season.

If, however, an unexpected event arises a few days after your arrival, we are required to keep your deposit, only in the event that we are unable to book your room again, but if not, we will proceed immediately with the return or at your choice you can always use it for another period.