Parchi divertimento e lunapark a Bibione

Acquasplash and Gulliver Land

Summer 2020 in Bibione: a special family vacation!

Take your children to Acquasplash for a day of water slides and water games! Near our hotel, in Lignano Sabbiadoro (15 minute drive), it is a magnificent amusement park and playground for adults and children, for families with children, for groups of friends.

Here you will find large slides, stunning pools, breathtaking waves and numerous games in the water: it's very convenient being reach the entrance of Lignano, it will not need to take long hours drive!

Famous throughout Italy, a theme amusement park Aquasplash Lignano was built in 1985 and was the first water park of its kind in Italy.

The Aquasplash park is fun young and old, children and adults, parents and children of all ages, thanks to the many slides of all types and size, the pools and pools of various depths, suitable for all, and among these, you can try: the famous swimming pool with artificial waves, the hot tubs to relax in the sun in Bibione, a snack for a picnic in the pine forest, and finally the trampolines and much green to lie down and sunbathe.

Gulliver's Land

Gulliverland is another popular theme amusement park in the area, opened in 2000, built in Lignano Sabbiadoro, just 15 minutes from the hotel machine Concordia Bibione.

Suitable for all ages, for parents and children, this water park is divided into several areas: 

the aquarium, is especially dedicated to those who love the sea, the water, and aquatic animals. This area of ??the park in fact, offers the possibility to admire a seascape, passing through a transparent tunnel under the water level, including sharks, rays, colorful tropical fish.

the second zone can be seen that the predominant themes are the volcanoes and dinosaurs

The third zone, particular importance is given to the medieval era, where you can enjoy with your children including adventure games and shows the challenges in the era tournaments

In a holiday in Bibione during the Summer certainly you will not be bored! Choose among offers and promotions of our hotel Concordia, to live a truly unique holiday experience, including special nights in the hotel, buffet and drinks at the pool, intense days of excitement to the water parks of Lignano and the Punta Verde Zoo.